Plan B – One-on-one Coaching


You will receive:

  • 1. An in-depth consultation in person or on the phone (depending on location) where we discuss your history and goals.
  • 2. A customized macro profile formulated to help you crush your goals.
  • 3. A digital resource with tips and tricks for success.
  • 4. A customized sample meal plan for one full day of eating.
  • 5. Support on how to track your macros.
  • 6. A simple workout guide to keep you moving and accelerate results
  • 7. Twenty-eight (28) days of mindset coaching and general support where you can email or text me with questions about the diet.


This plan is for you if you need a coach to help you get started on a clean, whole-food-based ketogenic diet and help you develop the mindset and habits to achieve your goals.


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