Smart Food Scale – Food Scales Digital Weight Grams and Oz with Nutritional Calculator, Marco Scale for Weight Loss, 0.1Oz-11Lb Kitchen Scales for Food Ounces, Calorie Scale for Diet, Keto, Diabetics


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  • 【Calorie Counter Scale with APP】 Download Foodiet app to track calories, vitamins, minerals and cholesterol, the calorie scale will offer a detailed daily nutritional analysis conveniently get the percent of protein, carbs and fats and other nutritions intake. A perfect helper to track Macros for weight loss, bodybuilder, keto and balanced diet! It is also a nice nutrition scale to control intake for sufferers like diabetes.
  • 【Scale with Nutritional Portion Log】 Foodiet APP is designed to set up your health goal and make a progress to gain the better living habit! It will automatically store your daily intakes and organize these data in the form of charts to help you to monitor portion intake, also can sync your food health data with Apple-Health and Fit-bit.
  • 【Always Accurate】Reading in pounds & ounces/ gram/ fluid ounces/ milliliters, 5 units on the food weight scale can be freely switched to meet the weighing requirements of various ingredients like solids or liquids. Built-in 4 high-precision load sensors allow food scale to update quickly, you can easily get precise items weight from 0.1oz to 11lb (3g-5000g).
  • 【Easy to Use】With one-touch tare function, press tare button on the digital kitchen scale to remove container weight and get accurate readouts of ingredients. This kitchen food scale also support continuous taring, make easy to get the exact food weight without changing the bowl. As for APP connection, just turn on your phone bluetooth and the food measuring scale, then they will be automatically connected.
  • 【Lightweight & Compact Design】 Made of FDA grade plastic material, the digital food scale’s size make it easy to store, and take up little space in a kitchen drawer, cabinet, or travel bag. Included 2 coin batteries, the gram scale will auto power off to save energy if no operations within 2 minutes.


Product Description

URAMAZ food scale is designed to bring you a smart and healthy living!

This kitchen scale helps to prepare delicious meals and monitor your intake of certain ingredients for weight loss. It is made of a superior food-grade Plastic and come with fingerprint-resistant surface. The lightweight and compact design make scale perfectly complement any kitchen setting and easy to store. Very contemporary on your counter!

Sync nutritional data to Apple Health and Fit- bit App via Bluetooth on iOS and Android

Once bluetooth automatically connected, the item weight will instantly update and display on the app, no worry that a large mixing bowl on the scale blocks you from reading weight.

  • Package Included:
  • 1 x Smart Nutritional Scale
  • 2 x CR2032 Coin Batteries (Pre-installed)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Foodiet APP (Download it on Phone)

Product Highlights

  • Come with Smart APP— Analyze 12 nutrition facts: protein, carbs, fat, and more with Foodiet app
  • Easy Bluetooth Connection & Extensive USDA Database
  • Track Feature–Record your daily/weekly/monthly intake and keep a nutritional log
  • High Precision– 4 sensors offer instant readings and accurate measurements
  • Easy to Tare–1.Put the container on scale 2.Press the Tare button 3.Put food in the container
  • 5 Units Available–With gram, milliliter, milliliter(for milk), fluid ounce, pounds
  • Specification:
  • Capacity: 3g – 5000g/0.1oz-11lb
  • Division: 0.1oz/1g
  • Net weight: 0.41lb/185g
  • Scale Dimensions: 7.9*5.94*0.43 inch /20.08*15.08*1.1 cm

Min & Max Load

With the capacity 0.1oz-11lb/3g-5000g, the food scale can meet any needs for cooking, baking and meal prep.

Accurate & Precise

4 highly precision sensors enable scale to deliver superior accuracy, so ensure your creation is perfect according to the recipe.

Auto Off & Conserve Power

The food scale will auto shut down If no operation or weight changed on scale within 2 minutes. Powered by Coin battery, it can work months and easy to replace on grocery store or online store.

User-friendly and Powerful APP

Works with Foodiet app / Fitbit / Apple Health, you can easily Track your daily, weekly, and monthly food habits. Better command your daily nutrition and calorie intake, stay a healthy life!

Scan Barcode Function

  • Besides searching food name, you also can scan food UPC codes to instantly get 12 nutrition.
  • Now Foodiet app contains about 625,779 kinds of American food barcodes data. Along with the app update, more food bar code informations will be included in future.

Easily Get Your 12 Food Nutrition Facts

  • 4 Macronutrients: Calories, Proteins, Total Carbohydrates(Dietary Fiber, Sugars), Total Fat(Saturated, Trans, Polyunsaturated, Monounsaturated)
  • 8 Micronutrients: Vitamins(Va, Vc, Vd), Minerals(Calcium,Potassium, Sodium, Iron), Cholesterol

Customize New food

  • Originating from the USDA food database, the Measuring Scale APP included data over 1,420,000 kinds of food such as meat, eggs, milk, and fruit.
  • Allow to add your special-made food or daily frequent eaten items, such as homemade salad and diet meal.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • Why the weight is not accurate?

Equipped with 4 high-precision load sensors, the smart kitchen scale can accurately weigh items from 0.1oz to 11lb/ 3g to 5000g.

To get an accurate measurement, please kindly refer to the below tips:

  1. Place the scale on a clean, dry, flat surface, and put the item on the center of the weighing platform.
  2. Make sure the screen displays zero before measuring.

You may feel internals shaking around inside when handling it, it’s normal and no affect weighings because of installation gap of the sensors.

  • Why my phone cannot connect the scale via Bluetooth?

Once bluetooth turned on, the scale will be automatically connected.

In case of connection failure, please try the following tips:

1. Connected Steps: Power on the scale-Turn on Foodiet App – Turn on Bluetooth via the App, then it will be connected automatically .

Attention: Turn on the scale before enter into the Foodiet APP; Connect your phone with scale via the Foodiet App directly, otherwise it would be failed to connect.

2. Make sure your phone’s operating system is running on iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.3+, kindly open “Location” function for Android.

3. Make sure distance between scale and phone is within 30 ft (10 m) .

4. Make sure the scale is not connected to any other phones currently. (Multiple phones cannot be connected at the same time)

Nutrition Analysis with Foodiet App YES YES YES YES YES
Macro Counting YES YES YES YES YES
Connect to Fitbit YES YES YES YES YES
Connect to Apple Health YES YES YES YES YES
Stainless Steel Material NO NO YES NO NO
Battery Included YES YES YES YES YES


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