Starter Guide to Keto (What to do in the first Week)

Eating healthy should not be complicated. Sadly however, as the keto diet becomes popular, more and more products have come on the market that people think they need to have to do the diet correctly. Yes some products are nice and can be great for convenience sake, but really none of them are necessary. ⁣You don’t need MCT oils or special shakes and powders.  You don’t need the buy the newest keto bars on the market, or that keto ice cream everyone is talking about. Those things are distractions that more than likely will increase your dependence on eating super palatable foods or will just cause you to go broke and think that keto is an expensive diet.

For me, following ketogenic diet means that a) 99% of the time I eat foods that have a low-glycemic effect so I am not spiking my blood sugar regularly.  b) MOST of the time I eat whole unprocessed food. c) I consume adequate amounts healthy fats daily d) I eat protein at every meal

If you are curious about starting to eat healthier or considering the keto diet, here is where I would start:⁣ – -⁣

  1. Dispose of or donate any foods in your fridge or pantry that have any form of sugar. There are over 61 different names for sugar. Be on the lookout for any names that end in “-ose” like sucrose, dextrose, maltose. Also do not consume any “natural sugars” like honey, agave, or molasses.⁣
  1. Dispose of or donate any foods in your fridge or pantry that are made from grains such as wheat, corn, rice or oats.⁣
  1. Dispose of any highly inflammatory PUFA (polyunsaturated) vegetable oils such canola, soybean, corn, cottonseed, and sunflower oils⁣.
  1. Start eating single ingredient foods like, meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, nuts. And cook food in coconut oil, avocado oil, or animal fats.⁣

.⁣That’s it to start!⁣ I can confidently say that if you are currently eating a standard American diet and switch to eating as I have mentioned above, you will see be improvements in how you look and feel in a very short time.

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